Gone are the days when popping a bottle of bubbles into a thin, plastic bottle bag will suffice. With Christmas being more about the thoughtful touches, we’re all looking at ways to add those extra-special details to our presents. Wine bottles in particular are a tricky gift to wrap, but we’ve found 6 creative and sustainable ways to make wrapping your bottle of fine wine more enjoyable for you and the wine-lover in your life.


Idea 1

Go rustic with craft paper and foliage

Traditional craft paper is a great eco-friendly and recyclable option. Its plain surface gives you creative licence to add your own personalisation such as stamps or glitter and you can save on tags by writing the recipient’s name straight onto the wrapping. Consider foraging for additional decorations too and attach holly, berries or pinecones from the bottle’s neck for a natural look.

Idea 2

Wrap it in a festive tea towel

Gift them two presents in one by wrapping your bottle of wine in a Christmas-patterned tea towel. Not only is this an easy material to wrap around your bottle, but you can also securely tie it with ribbon or string to complete the look. The extra padding from the tea towel also keeps your bottle safe from any knocks or falls.

Idea 3

Tousle with tissue paper

This is a quick and easy wrapping method, and by laying 2 or 3 sheets of tissue paper you can create a really effective finish. Lay the tissue on the floor or table and place your bottle diagonally in one corner. Roll it to the opposite corner, tucking in the bottom end as you go until the bottle is covered. Secure the loose edge with a bit of tape and tie some ribbon around the top, fluffing out the tissue paper edges at the top for a messy, tousled look.

Idea 4

Stuff it in a sock

For a more traditional way to wrap your wine bottle, pick a Christmas stocking or a large, knitted sock for your bottle to fit in. You could add some ribbon to seal the top so they can’t peek in or pad out the stocking with some tissue paper. This is a fun way to hide the shape and get them guessing what’s inside.

Idea 5

Slip it into a shirtsleeve

An alternative option to wrap your wine bottle could involve recycling shirt or sweater sleeves. Pick a festive pattern or colourful print for your gift to really stand out, and stitch up one end of the sleeve. Place your bottle inside and tie up the top with a ribbon, or if you’re really creative…a button!

Idea 6

Upcycle your decorations

A great way to reuse or recycle your old or unwanted Christmas decorations is by using them as Christmas present toppers. Think bells, baubles, tinsel and even small fairy lights which you could use to wrap around your wine bottle and add an additional festive flourish to your bottle-shaped gift. It’ll really make your present shine under their tree.


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