At Cadman Wine, we are on hand to help you build, curate and enjoy your wine collection in any way we can. The world of fine wine can be daunting and mind-bogglingly complex, we have years of experience that we can call upon to help you enjoy the best there is.

Fine Wine Advice

We are in the fortunate position of having tasted more than a lifetime’s worth of wine and travelled to wineries all over the world. So whether you just want to select a wine to enjoy at home, plan a dinner party or build a cellar from scratch, we will share all our experience to help you find the right wines for the occasion.

En Primeur

The traditional way to buy wine from Bordeaux (and beyond). For those who have not shopped En Primeur before, you essentially buy a wine before it is made. The cost excludes any taxes, duties and shipping; then, when the wine is brought over to the UK, you settle up for the rest. This is a cost effective way of nabbing those difficult-to-get wines, usually from Bordeaux or Burgundy.

We run a comprehensive En Primeur campaign each year for both Bordeaux and Burgundy. We also have a range of pre-release offers from wineries all over the world throughout the year.

Fine Wine Broking

For customers looking to sell some of their collection. We do offer a broking service, where we will list and sell wines of behalf of customers. This service is managed on a case-by-case basis, please feel free to contact us if this is something that could interest you.

Private Tastings

Our General Manager, James, has over ten years of wine trade experience mostly spent buying wine for the best known and largest wine retailers in the UK. We think he is something of an entertainer so we have been known to ship him off for private tastings and dinner parties. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a tasting.