Sowing New Seeds

Greater Than The Sum Of Our Parts

Cadman Fine Wines, The New Zealand House of Wine and The South Africa House of Wine have come together to as a one-stop shop for all your vinous needs.

We are delighted to be able to offer all our customers a greatly improved and increased range, a modernised website and the same tailored service.

I’ve never heard of your old sites, what did they do?

Cadman Fine Wines was established in 2004 with a desire to offer the complete fine wine service. From En Primeur to Vintage Port, Cadman Fine Wines was a traditional Fine Wine Merchant. Although we have also uncovered some unknown gems in the Cadman Fine Wines range.

New Zealand House of Wine was established in 2003, when Marlborough Sauvignon was pretty much the only style available in the UK. The objective was clear, showcase the amazing variety of wines made in New Zealand. Our relationship with wineries in New Zealand runs deep and we will continue to carry the most exciting range of New Zealand wines in the UK.

South Africa House of Wine was established in 2020 (an interesting time to start a new business). South Africa has a special place in our hearts; the youth, the experimentation and even the heritage of the South African Wine industry is hard to beat. We believe the UK was being undersold on the quality and intrigue of South African wine so we set out to show off the best the Cape has to offer.

So, why did you change?

Quite simply, we asked our customers.

Our missions to uncover hidden gems of the wine world; to promote and celebrate the incredible wines of New Zealand and South Africa, has remained unchanged.

However, we asked our customers if they drink wines from all over the world. We also asked if they would be interested in buying these wines from us. The answer, to both, was an overwhelming yes.

I previously shopped with one of your old sites, will I still be able to buy my favourite wines?

In a word, yes.

We are still a specialist for New Zealand wines and we are still a specialist for South African wines. We do live in a world of challenging supply-chains so if you don’t see your favourite wine, please pick up the phone or email us, it’s most likely out of stock awaiting the next order!

What else has changed?

For those of you who prefer to purchase and store your wines in bond, you can now buy a selection of our fine wines in bond on our website. Click here for more information.

You can expect to see far more frequent special parcels arriving. These will be wines made in tiny quantities and are often over subscribed – you will need to be quick when they launch!

We have updated our payment facilities, we are now accepting Crypto Currency! We are also able to accept American Express and both google and apple pay are enabled on our site.

Who should I contact with any further questions?

Jac, our customer service guru, is always more than happy to have a chat and help you with any questions or vinous advice you might need! Just call us on 01604 696242.

To all our returning customers and new visitors, please accept our warmest welcome to our new home!